We build software solutions that work.

Technologies Used
Languages: Java, C#, Objective C
Scripting: JavaScript, JScript, Ruby
Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite
Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS
Packages: Crystal Reports, MS Office

The daily activities of many small businesses revolve around a handful of specific tasks. By automating these tasks, you are free to build your business. We analyze your requirements and work closely with you or your IT staff to tailor custom solutions that fit your specific business needs.

Our development methodology is Rapid Application Development (RAD), which emphasizes a quick, linear approach to the development cycle, using and yielding many reusable components. Because of the focus on a component model to encapsulate the software's functionality, many of the components developed are easily integrated into other applications to bring the same functionality and reduce total development time and cost.


Mobile Salesman

By customizing an existing mobile application and combining it with a custom-developed desktop solution, a company was able to simplify how orders were taken in the field and eliminate the overhead of keying in faxed and call-center orders by giving their sales force the ability to easily take orders electronically.

Business Intelligence

Having many electronic reports in many places is typical for many mid-sized companies. Being able to see all available reports in one place to avoid reinventing the wheel is sometimes necessary. To that end, we developed a small business intelligence application that combined many existing reports into a single interface, making reports from Crystal, SQL Business Intelligence Studio, and Excel easy to access and run.

Trade Show

One company took hundreds of orders at their trade shows, relying on a simple DOS-based order entry application. Because there was no validation of what was keyed in, there were many errors at the time orders were imported into the company's system. Our goal was to create a solution that added validation and eliminated the need for a manual import.